Strategic Tips and Tricks for Mini Militia – Mini Militia Top Pro Tips and Tricks

Mini Militia is an online and offline mobile 2D shooter, which was released for iOS and Android back in 2011. As per reports, it ranked among the top games of 2017 in India.

Even though the game is incredibly simple and easy to play, new players may find it difficult since they don’t know much about how to play it. However, you still don’t qualify as a newbie. Still, you will have trouble ranking high. You aren’t aware of certain strategies used by professionals.

Pro players use these tips and tricks to improve their games. You will definitely rank higher if you use these tips and tricks.

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Strategic Tips and Tricks for Mini Militia

You will be able to conquer the game by following these tips and tricks.

  • In the beginning of the game, instead of rushing to attack as fast as possible, make sure you have everything you need and then proceed.
  • In case of combat already ongoing, attack or reach the players who are suffering from low health.
  • Double the number of your guns whenever you have an opportunity because this will give you the upper hand over your enemies.
  • It is possible to combine Sniper and Shotgun in a very powerful way. Short- and long-range effect can be achieved with this combination.
  • When you see an enemy approaching, it is best to commit suicide while you are playing for a team.
  • A laggard player should be shot if you find him to be lagging. You will be awarded a point once they finish lagging.
  • You should not rush to attack enemies if your health is low, instead hide, crouch, and wait until your health is restored. Jetpacks are the same way.
  • The grenades you use to kill the enemies are an important part of the game. When you are low on health, you can use grenades to attack your foe and stand in front of him if you are running out of health. Despite the fact that you may die, you will also gain points.


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