Mini Militia MOD latest 5.0.1 – Pro Pack Unlocked [apk]

You might be tired of losing health over and over again if you play the normal version of mini militia. As a result, you constantly lose to pro players. With this mod you will have access to pro features and the pro pack will become unlocked. Additional cool features are also included. There is no limit to what you can use in mini militia, which doubles the fun!

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy this fighting game.

PRO pack mod features:

  • Unlocked Pro Pack
  • Avatars of characters
  • Adding more powers
  • Add-ons can be purchased with Battle Points
  • Choose two pro weapons
  • Added Anti-Ban Mod
  • Gaming Multiplayer
  • Supports online and offline gaming
  • Controls for dual guns
  • Unlocked all store items
  • Avatars have been updated
  • Double your Battle Points
  • Fighting as a team
  • Maps are unlocked
  • A sniper’s gun
  • Two-Way
  • The list goes on and on.

This is what the mod offers. Check out here the mod version of mini militia with unlimited everything.

When you purchase a pro pack, you will be able to upgrade your abilities using battle points:

Battle points can be used to purchase a variety of advanced features such as:

Regenerate your booster 15% more quickly than before by using this booster recharger. There is a cost of 1250 BPC (Battle Points).

The ability to instantly recharge one’s health while others do not. It costs 1000 BP.

Nitro duration increases by 20% with this boost. A longer flight can be added for 2000 BP, and you can fly for longer periods of time.

You should always have a golden Eagle gun with you when you enter a game. Other players have only normal guns. It costs 250 pounds.

Accuracy: It helps to increase the accuracy of all weapon bullets by 20%. You can get it for 2000 BP.

There were a few main upgrades mentioned above.

You can install Mini Militia Pro Pack mod by following these simple steps:

To successfully install pro pack on your device, follow these steps. Just follow the instructions, the steps are very simple.

  1. Mini militia game should be uninstalled.
  2. You can download the apk file from
  3. To install from unknown sources, go to settings and select “Allow installation”. There is no risk in taking this step. Be at ease!
  4. Install the application by clicking on itTransferring the file to your mobile device and installing it there is the first step if you are using a computer..
  5. To install this file on your mobile, transfer it first to your computer and then install it.
  6. A menu icon must be created for your app. A game will be launched when you click the app icon.
  7. Oh yeah! you did it. Now enjoy game and have fun!

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