Mini Militia Mega Mod apk (Download Latest version 4.3.5) – 2022

Introducing Mega Mod, a new mod of Mini Militia. Among its features are unlimited health, sniper, and ammo fast reloading. It is now possible to build different ad-dons to upgrade your character in this version. Avatar skins are also available.

The Mega Mod version of the app is available below:

Discover new superpowers and surprise your friends.

Mini militia mega mod features:

This mod is considered to be one of the best because it has almost all of the features that pro-players are looking for. India and Pakistan are two of the countries where it is very popular. MegaMod is a mod that has nearly everything unlimited, as its name suggests. In this version, nitro is included along with unlimited health bars. By playing well, you will always win.

There are a number of websites that claim to provide you a mod, but they do not. Our mod versions are tested and guaranteed to run on any device flawlessly.

Super Mod game play:

Video attached for mega mod game play. Thus, you are able to witness the features we are providing to you.

The following are the features of Mini Militia Mega Mod:

Mini Militia MEGA MOD APK In addition to the original app, this modified version offers the following features:

  • Use the original game servers for Mini Militia.
  • Mod/hack detection is not possible
  • Zoom 7x: Each weapon can be zoomed 7x.
  • Kill all enemies in sight (optional)
  • Get back to health as fast as ever by speeding up the regeneration process.
  • Ammo without worry: Have unlimited ammo. It’s as easy as pressing the fire button!
  • After you die, re-spawn faster. You will return to the game immediately after the kill.
  • MEGA MOD version supports online play as well, unlike other versions.
  • All features of the pro pack are included in this mod.
  • You can see who is behind transparent bushes.
  • UNILIMITED NITRO: Fly as high as you like in this mega-mod version of mini militia.
  • You can purchase all items in the store with unlimited battle points.
  • Using single shots kills your enemy regardless of which weapon you use.
  • The Dual Gun Bug has been fixed. Select any two advanced guns you like.
  • All modes support melee attacks.
  • All modes support team battles.

Phoenix’s Mega Mod:

The mod versions of mini militia have been created by various developers. We cover all collections and give you the best and most working versions. Mega mod was developed by Phoenix and has almost all the same qualities and features as the ones we shared above. You can also get it from the following links:

These Mini Militia MEGA mod tips should help you:

  • The online mode allows you to hold two weapons simultaneously
  • Custom rooms and symbol customization
  • Battle points can be used for shopping
  • In web based ongoing interaction, you can access all weapons, including rocket launchers, expert rifles, lasers, and saw firearms.
  • New skins will be added to every outfit
  • Play with expert riflemen, shotguns, and flamethrowers and in groups
  • In disconnect modes such as Co-Operation and Survival, you can train your troops
  • Whenever you made use of different records, you can restore your previous sign
  • Bush which enables you to monitor who’s hiding behind trees and shrubs
  • We eliminate any mistakes made during sessions and during rehearsals
  • Three new maps are included
  • View other players’ health bars
  • Bugs associated with double firearms are expelled
  • Problems with profiles have been resolved
  • A health cheat is added
  • After you finish the slugs on your weapon, there is no need to reload
  • Different players are damaged twice.
  • Because there is no reloading required, weapons get reloaded
  • Compatible with non-root devices
  • There are HD and non-HD variants available
  • The map includes the option to kill yourself by leaving it
  • For focusing on, draw a red line
  • At whatever point you reawaken, your ability with Golden firearm will be enhanced
  • Customized game rooms
  • With Room maker, you can pick a server and design your own host to play with your friends online.
  • To expand your precision, you can add lasers to your weapons
  • Weapons include sniper rifles, pistols, MP5, AK47s, shotguns, EMPs, Magnums, and flame throwers.
  • It is fixed when accidents occur.
  • The gravity mode includes flying through dividers and covering up to shoot inside.
  • This package does not require rooting Android devices.

Mini Militia mod installation:

While installing, keep the following points in mind:

  • If you have an old version on your device, uninstall it
  • This mod does not require rooting your device
  • From the links above, you can easily download the game
  • Download page can be accessed by clicking this link. Google Drive can be downloaded directly from there.
  • Enjoy! Download the apk and play!


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