Mini Militia Double Gun – Unlimited Ammo MOD with Dual Wield Weapons

Imagine being able to hold Mini Militia Double Guns/two weapons simultaneously, such as double missile launchers or a sniper rifle with AK47? What a man! With a Dual Wield Weapons MOD for Mini Militia and unlimited ammo for Unlimited Ammo, it’d actually be very cool. Additionally, it could be added to the Mini Militia wall hack in Doodle Army 2. A dual-weapons approach is known in military circles as Dual Wield. In a dual-wielding battle, the dual user holds two guns at the same time. When you play Mini Militia in dual mode, you can only access certain weapons.

Mini militia 4.0.36 Double Gun Mega Apk now comes with dual weapons support. You must download it from the following link.

See here:

In this article, we will go through:

  • Magnums and pistols
  • Uzi
  • The machete
  • Eagle of the Desert

Due to their light weight and easy handling, these guns are suitable for carrying. However, with a double gun mod you have access to every gun in Mini Militia APK plus Trevor Tar-21.


Youth games like the mini-militia are among many favorites. Playing online with us would be fun for hours. A mini militia game with a single weapon like a shotgun, MP5, AK47, rocket launcher, or sniper used to be boring for some people. A pro pack version of mini militia with double guns was available to some players.

It is one of the reasons to buy Mini militia’s full version since there are two guns and a pro pack. One of the most interesting features of the purchased version is a double pistol combo.

Using two different combinations of cannons, we can use riots example head + magnum as well as pistol and magnum. It is possible for us to have a lot of combinations in our arsenal to shoot down our enemies.

There are two ways to activate dual militia guns: purchase the licensed version and watch the ads to get a pro pack. We kill the enemy with the help of Mini Militia gunners in a short time. In comparison with using a shotgun, AK47, etc., it is more effective. Combinations of handguns can be used. Guns and scrums can also be used. With the use of mini militia dual gun, it is possible to target the enemy from a distance and smack them.

Here are more features of the Mini MIlitia Mod

  • The game can be minimized and played in the background
  • The respawn of weapons is instant
  • Having unlimited flying ability
  • Bullets are unlimited
  • Reloading not permitted
  • It is possible to use any two weapons simultaneously
  • An unstoppable force
  • Solo play will result in blind robots
MINI MILITIA GUN LIST (Guns That Can Be Combined):
  • The Uzi + the Uzi
  • An eagle and a machete
  • A magnum and a machete
  • An eagle and a desert eagle
  • Shield of Riot + Uzi
  • Eagle of the desert and magnum of the desert
  • Adding magnums to magnums
  • Desert Eagle + Uzi
  • Riot shield + desert eagle
  • Magnum + Uzi
  • A Uzi and a machete

How to Play with Mini Militia Double Gun

Double guns/weapons are more likely to be used because it is very easy to attack them. By reaching higher points and gaining experience, we can become better. Mini militia double gun is the most popular feature in pro packs. It is an advantage to utilize a double gun because the combination can be used for different purposes.

There is a larger difference between the scope of double guns as well as other variety of weapons (see about list above). By hitting more enemies at the same time, it increases EXP points.

The mini militia double gun is the weapon most pro pack players use to hit their opponents with more accuracy and save time. With the mini militia double pistol hack apk, we can access all these features by selecting the custom option and buying the pro pack.

To retain the pro pack features, you’ll have to either watch the ads or buy the pro pack.

Features of Mini Militia Double Gun Mod

Mini Militia Double Gun Mod Dual wheeling weapons, one of the features of this hack, is itself an advantage. In the comments section below this guide, you can tell us whether Double Gun Mod needs more features to make it more engaging. APK Mini Militia would not have been possible without your suggestions. I had an EMP gun and Cutter in my hands with unlimited bullets. In the Catacomb Map, the first respawn point is located.

  • Mini Militia 2 Mod pistols enable players to try any gun present in the game card and shoot with it. In general, you’ll use your main weapon more often than your “A” secondary weapon. Zoom depends on your primary weapon in the left hand.
  • There are two mods with unlimited ammo, one with it and one without it. Below are links to download APKs.
  • We added all the features of the Doodle Army 2 Pro Pack, so you can choose any weapon or buy it from the Game Store.
  • The banner ad has been moved to the right in the latest version.
  • There is no need for unlimited health in this mod. For the sake of allowing other players to defeat you as well, we decided not to add an infinite health hack.

Reference: Appsomniacs

Installation Guide

Modifying the library files in the apk file makes it compressed so we shared this hack apk with you. Thus, we avoided complicated and time-consuming installation steps for an end user like you. Therefore, you can install this Mod on your android phone by simply following the very well-known installation process.

  • Mini Militia can be played flawlessly if the current version is removed and unnecessary files are removed.
  • Double Fun Mod apk can be downloaded here. There won’t be any redirects to random websites because this is a direct link.
  • You’ll be prompted to click Update later when you install the apk.

Download Mini Militia Double Gun Dual Wield Mod Apk

It is absolutely virus and malware-free and comes from Google Drive. Your download might be interrupted if you have a slow internet connection. Comment below to seek help if you continue to have issues.

Changing the app will remove your dual-wielding ability. Please do not update it. The next time the app prompts you to update, just select LATER. LAN WIFI Mode works best with APK.

File Name:  Mini Militia Dual Gun Part 1
File Size:  45.8 MB
Developers: Appsomanics
Genre:  Action

Having issues with the Mini Militia Double Gun hack

There are almost always associated problems with every hack, be they bugs or pips. Several of the weapons present in the game cause other players to hang mid-air when the Double Gun Hack is exercised. Guns and the Mod may also stop working from time to time. Neither version with nor without unlimited ammunition is affected by this bug.

This issue is only affecting select devices that operate on older Qualcomm smartphones. Doodle Army 2 will fix this issue with its next release.

There is no delay in wireless LAN mode, unlike Quick Play mode, when this kind of piracy takes place.

Mini Militia Dual Gun Mega Mod Apk

Mini Militia Double Gun mod apkWe are pleased to present you with an update to Dual Gun Mega Mod, you will receive a mini militia updated Dual Gun Mod apk. Mini Militia Double Gun Mega Mod Apk requires no uninstallation and can be installed right away.

Modifications include:

  • Mini Militia 4.0.36 Double Gun Mega MOD Apk 2017 Latest Version!
  • It is possible to kill your opponent with only one shot.
  • Three bullets per shot – three bullets with a spread in a different direction are fired per shot.
  • Nitro Unlimited – Fly as long as you want without stopping.
  • Regenerate your health two times faster with Health Regeneration 2X
  • In addition, you will be able to shoot twice simultaneously in order to get more damage. It will only take one bullet to kill someone and you will also have a chance to fire two shots.
  • The size of your weapon won’t be affected if you carry heavy weapons
  • Never die – You won’t be affected by explosions caused by grenades, rocket launchers, etc.
  • No Bulled Spread – Your bullet will not spread when fired. The enemy would be damaged more if it went in a straight line.
  • Whenever a weapon is cocked, it will automatically fire.
  • You could zoom up to 7 times in all weapons with the Magic Zoom 7x.
  • You will be able to fire unlimited bullets from your guns. With grenades, you won’t be frozen or crash.
  • Radars all over
  • Having unlimited flying ability

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After showing you the main features of this mod, I’ll share the download link with you so that you can install and start playing immediately.

How to Make Best Use of Double Gun Mod APK

If you choose the right firearms combination, you can use the Mini Militia 2 weapons hack to its full potential. If you take for instance a sniper rifle and a gun, both of these weapons are hacked in a way that you can zoom up to 7 times and take down your opponent quickly. Using two AK47s simultaneously is another good example. In addition to its 4x zoom, the AK47 also has harmful balls.

You can see from the examples above how this Double Gun Mod APK can cause destruction. Your choice of weapon depends on your preference. Due to this hack’s unlimited ammunition, you’re free to use them in any way you want.

One thing to note is that the Doodle’s left-handed pistol will be less accurate to aim than the right-handed pistol. Decide what area of impact each weapon will have.

FAQ On Mini Militia Dual Gun Mod

Can this game be played?

It works, yes. Some MODs were halted by the developers. However, all mods work on our site.

Are mods going to be updated?

The link to the apk files for double wield and weapons will be updated when the new version is released.


Please refrain from abusing the game Mini Militia online after downloading the Double Gun Hack. Here at, we do not support disrupting the game play of players in any way. Hacks and Mods show how it feels to have access to the limited features of And Doodle Army 2

Enjoy playing and having fun!

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