How to play Mini Militia with Friends on LAN? Play online/offline

Mini Militia is an online and offline mobile 2D shooter, which was released for iOS and Android back in 2011. In 2017, it was reported that it was one of the most popular games played in India.

Since its release, the game has gotten many updates that have added many new features to it, including the ability to play the game with friends using LAN/Wi-Fi.

Mini Militia allows you to invite your friends and play local games with them on your local network through the LAN feature (Local Game). With your local connection, you can create your own room and then invite your friends so you can play Mini Militia together.

When you play with friends, the game becomes more enjoyable. What is the best way to play Mini Militia with friends? Come on, let’s find out.

How to Easily play Mini Militia with Friends on LAN?

  1. Get Mini Militia for Androids or iOSs.
  2. (Local) Tap on Practice
  3. Choose from any of the game modes. Let’s take DeathMatch as an example.
  4. Pick LAN Wi-Fi from the menu.
  5. Create a Room by tapping the Host button.
  6. The room has now been created, and if you are connected over Wi-Fi or LAN, your friends can join in the fun as well.
  7. Ensure that everyone is connected to the same wireless network.

Admins will create the room and choose the map and the number of players in the game as well as its time limit.


Mini Militia Double Gun

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