How to join your friends in Multiplayer game in Mini Militia? Complete Guide

A 2D online and offline shooter, Mini Militia was first launched for iOS in 2011 and released for Android in 2015. Reports state that it is one of the top games in India for 2017 where players have been competing against each other by shooting at their opponent’s avatar on a small screen-despite having endless supplies of ammunition! With new features such as custom game rooms introduced periodically via updates since its release five years ago (2011).

Mini Militia remains popular among gamers around the world with over two million downloads every day from both Apple App Store & Google Play store combined!

MiniMilitia has amassed millions of fans worldwide not only because it’s challenging but also because you can play without wifi or data connection which makes spending time waiting

Mini Militia’s Custom Game Rooms feature lets you create your own game room and play with your friends. You can invite them, or join their rooms when they are playing in the game. Customizing where you want to make your home base enhances gameplay as it becomes more enjoyable being around those who know what’s up! So how do I get my friends over? Let’s find out together:

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How to join your friends in Multiplayer game in Mini Militia?

You must know where the game’s server is located as well as its name in order to join Mini Militia with your friends.

  1. Download the Mini Militia app for Android or iOS.
  2. Play online by tapping Play Online.
  3. Customize the game.
  4. Your friend has recommended you join the server.
  5. To find the room, type its name into the search box.
  6. You can now join the desired room once you have found it.
  7. In the case of a private server, enter the password.
  8. Within the room, you and your friends will enjoy the game together.

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