Mini Militia Mod Apk 2021 – Download Doodle Army 2 latest mod [Pro Pack Unlocked]

It is one of the most popular multiplayer games. You will become highly addicted to the game once you play it. A stick man survives himself in a jungle and on different maps in this classic 2D game. This game becomes more interesting and compelling when you find different weapons on a map, fly with nitro, and use bombs.

Developers modified the game according to their desire to make it even more amazing and winning. Here we present you the best version of Mini Militia with unlocked Pro Pack. Moreover, this mod includes unlimited health, ammo, and battle points as well. Have fun!

Play the game with competitors and always win the game with our advanced Mini Militia Mod Apk.

Mini Militia Mod apk:

A popular mod among players is the mini militia. Designed by the developer, every mod has a different quality. A description and download link are included for each mod. In this website you will find all the mod versions, including basic and advanced versions. We have more mods for you to discover at the end of this article. Here is an infographic showing the popularity of various mods worldwide.Mini Militia Mod apk

Pro-Pack mod v5.0.1 (latest 2021):

Pro-Pack Mini Militia Mod ApkThe number of mini militia’s features are also limited to free users, and some require payment for unlocking others. It is called Propack (Professional pack) for this reason. You can get the pro pack for free with this mod apk. PRP pack includes features unavailable in free version, such as:

  • Content online has been unlocked
  • Rocket launchers and other weapons for the military
  • Rifle sniper
  • Carry two deadly guns at the same time
  • For pro weapons, dual wielding is available
  • Cooler avatars
  • Plus much more…

The following mods are available at AC Market:

The best stable mod for playing Mini Militia developed by AC Market. Both online and multiplayer modes are supported. Having many battle points and the pro pack unlocked, this mod is a great purchase. Battle points can be used to shop for different powers at mini militia stores. There is a store within the app, which is in the lower right corner. Many people do not know it exists. A propack would be required otherwise, but you won’t have to pay a penny now. This is the unlocked version of the pro pack.

Which is the reason behind the popularity of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia?

Before you begin playing the game, it will be helpful to understand the game’s different features. Mini militias are successful for many reasons. In this game, you will find the following:

  • The Multiplayer aspect of the game is amazing
  • With no Internet, you can play multiplayer
  • Engage your social media friends
  • High performance and low internet usage
  • Playing an original game

A health mod with unlimited ammunition, ammo, and nitro:

This mod is specifically for those who wants to play game with unlimited heath, unlimited nitro and unlimited ammo or bullets. Explanation is given in below paragraphs.

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Unlimited health mod:

In mini militia game, health refers to player life. It is appeared on upper left corner. Usually a player lost his life with some bullet attacks or electric shock attacks. But how amazing if your player never lost his life. Yes! No player can kill you either online or play via LAN wifi.

Unlimited Ammo mod:

Ammo are the bullet sets of any gun you pick in game. In normal game, each gun comes with limited number of ammo or bullets. These ammo finished after some time and other player can kill with his bullets when  you are zero on ammo. But developers solved this by modifying core files and added unlimited ammo facility. Shoot as much bullets as you can and kill your competitors

Unlimited Nitro:

Mini Militias are capable of flying. As long as you have nitro, you can fly a limited amount of time. Once Nitro has reloaded, it can start flying again. The nitro power must be filled first. You can, however, fly for an indefinite period of time with this mod, because Nitro will not run out. In addition, Nitro aids in escaping from an enemy quickly. Click the download button to download unlimited nitro, ammo, and health mods. You should also check GodMod in the following paragraphs.

You can spend unlimited battle points or money:

In addition to other features, unlimited battle points are included in this mod. With these battle points, you can buy items from stores and kit out your equipment to the fullest extent.

Avatar Mods (Unlocked):

You may find yourself being impressed by another player’s avatar while playing a game. Your avatars are mostly dull. Put an end to worrying! The mod allows you to access all avatars, as well as customize your own. As well as battle points and health, all outlook features are militia mod apk

The following advanced Mini Militia mods are available:

A modified code of the game was created in order to add advanced features that can never be found in original apk files.

Mini militia mod apk is available for the following mobile devices:

  1. The Propak Mod
  3. Super Mod
  4. Modification that provides unlimited health
  5. Nitro Mod unlimited
  6. Ammo Mod with Unlimited Ammo
  7. A single mod for everything
  8. Mod for hacking walls
  9. A-Module
  10. Modifications to One Shot Kill
  11. The mortal mod
  12. A mod that can last an eternity
  13. The CFT and recent versions.

Have fun selecting your favorite mod!

How to install Mini Militia mod apk in android?

Installing and enjoying a game on your Android device is easy by following these steps:

  • Go to your phone’s setting, then security option, and allow unknown sources to install apk files. Located under Device Administration, this option can be accessed.
  • We have mod apks for download.
  • This file can be downloaded to your laptop, then transferred to your mobile device.
  • Click install, then you’ll have mini militia mod apk on your phone
  • You can play online or with your friends now! Enjoy!

[Terminologies defined] Mini Militia game play:

With this wonderful multiplayer game, you’ll never get bored. Army man with a weapons surrounded in the jungle by enemies with yin and yang doodles. The game also offers a classic twist on classic gameplay. Consider, for example, your entire Cousins gather anywhere and you don’t even have internet access, yet you can still enjoy playing together. Popularity is due to this. With or without internet connection, you can enjoy all the features of this game.

When connected to the internet (Online):

This game gives you three options to play. The first option is quick to play and the second option is to Play Online. These two option requires internet connectivity to play.

Quickplay is the game mod where you just have to choose map and game will be started with random players over the internet. In this mode you will play with 6 random players from all over the world. Most of mini militia modified variants work on this quick mode.

In-Play online mode, you also need internet connectivity. This is further divided into 3 more sub-option to choose from.

Free for all:

As the name suggest, you can play the game without making any teams. Same like Quick play mode, just chose map and start playing with random players over the world.

Death Match between two teams:

It adds more variety and excitement to the game. The mode enables teams to form and compete against one another. Like before, random players will be there to team up and play on random servers. Additionally, this option is available in all the mini militia mod apks on this site.

Play a custom game:

This option is for you if you would like to join a specific mini militia server versus one at random. The “New Player America server” and “Battle Zone America server” are my favorite servers. Individual choices can be influenced by a variety of factors. You have to decide what’s important to you. Try playing GTA san andreas apk if you are a real action game fan.

Interact with your friends over the Internet:

This option is for you if you want to play mini militia with specific friends who live in other cities but have internet connections. It entails adding friends to a server and then starting the game. A Google Play or Facebook account is required to access this option.

Without Internet access:

Apart from being able to play with internet connectivity, mini militia also offers offline play (when not connected to the internet). “Practice (Local)” appears as this option. Connect to the internet via LAN or Bluetooth to play a game. Here are some ways you can play mini militia with your friends. 

Add friends on mini militia (LAN Wifi)?

download Mini Militia Mod Apk unlimited moneyAll other mobile phones need to connect to the hotspot of the host phone in order to play a game with your friends, cousins, or fellows. The option to join game is visible when all players or mobile devices are connected to the same host; otherwise it cannot be seen. Players can join a host game connected to the same hotspot with a maximum of 12 players per game. The game will begin after 6 seconds if you press the ready button.

Playback via Bluetooth:

Similar to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth provides the connection. At the moment, this mode is still being built, but once it is released, the instructions described above will apply. You can choose from four play options in “Practice Local”:

In a death match you must kill your opponents to score maximum points. It can be played solo or in a group. Point totals determine the winner. Only your team members will be able to enter the map. 

CO-OP Survival: This mode allows players to kill opponents once they have been sent through the mini militia server. The grouping feature is also available in this mode.

You must kill the enemies that are sent to you by the app in Survival Solo. You can also practice this way.

For beginners, mini militia comes with a training option. This is where Captain will instruct and guide you through the game play, such as using guns, nitro, flying, and shooting.

You can join our Mini Militia mod club to receive the latest mini militia mod directly in your inbox. There’s no charge and it’s a lot of fun!


How do I download mods for mini militia?

Mini Militia has a variety of mods with different features. Downloading mods is possible via various websites if you follow these steps:

  1. Click here for information about the Minimilitia Mod Apk
  2. Mods can be found by browsing
  3. Directly from your mobile device, download the mod apk file
  4. Install the apk on your phone and have fun. provides all types of Mods.  

List of all mini militia mod apk:

  • Pro Pak Mod
  • GOD Mod
  • Mega Mod
  • Unlimited health Mod
  • Unlimited nitro Mod
  • Unlimited Ammo Mod
  • All in one Mod
  • Wall hack Mod
  • Ultra Mod
  • One Shot Kill Mod
  • Mortal mod
  • Immortal mod
  • CFT and latest ones.

What can we do to play mini militia in real life?

Watching the below video of Mini Militia in Real Life Attack video, you are really amazed at how these people are playing it in real life, really bizarre and amazing.

What is mini militia Pro Pack?

It is a premium edition of the original Mini Militia game. Besides the additional features, this game offers a new character avatar, additional upgrades, and access to advanced weapons like snipers. It is possible to pick up two deadly guns at once, etc. The Pro Pack can be downloaded for free from here, however. As one of the best mini milita mod apks, this app is considered one of the best.

How do I download mini militia wall hack mod apk?

There is no difficulty in downloading mini militia hacks. Following these simple steps will allow you to get mini militia wall hack:

  • Go to website
  • You can search for Wall Hack Mod apk on Google
  • Visit this page
  • APK file of Wall hack mod is available for download
  • Android users can download the app
  • Play and install

How to play mini militia mod apk?

A 2D survival game, Mini Militia Android is called Mini Militia. It is impossible to save yourself from the enemies who surround you. It is really easy and effective to use these controls. Attack others with guns. The video below is included. Playing mini militia will be easier if you pay attention.

How do I download mini militia to my computer?

Mini militia can be downloaded and played on your PC.

Mini Militar can be played on a computer by clicking here.

Can I play mini militia in PC?

The game can be played on a PC by using an emulator that runs android. Any android game can be played on a PC in fact. The steps are explained in detail here.

Is Mini Militia available for Windows Phone?

Windows Phone does not support mini militia. However, you can use android emulators such as bluestack or nox to play the game on your laptop or computer.

How do you play mini militia from different places?

Multiplayer games allow you to play with your friends in different locations. You can find this option in the game’s lower right corner. This requires you and your friends to be connected to the Internet and sign in to the game. Creating a separate game room (server) and inviting friends to join is another way to play mini militia with friends from different locations. This way, only your friends will be in the room with you. Regardless of their location! To play, they only need a good internet connection. There you have it!

To watch a video demonstration of playing this game online, click here.

Is Mini Militia available for PC?

Check out this step by step guide with pictures if you want to play mini militia on a PC or laptop.

How do you play mini militia online?

Mini Militia is now only available on mini clip. There is no online option for this game. The game requires installation. So, any device, including Android, iOS, and Windows PC can be used to play this game.

Is Andy better than BlueStacks for playing mini militia?

We can conclude based on our experiences and reviews that BlueStack plays this game better than Andy.

Is BlueStacks a virus?

Unfortunately, it can be downloaded from unofficial sources. You can use Bluestack to emulate Android and it is totally legal. This emulator can be downloaded from the official website without any problems. Doodle Army 2, for example, runs smoothly on it.

Is Mini Militia available for Windows Phone?

Only Android and iOS devices can run the Mini Militia app. The Windows Store does not have it.

How do I download mini militia on my laptop?

Mini militia doodle army 2 can be downloaded to your laptop from here. You may also find helpful information on “How to play on your computer or laptop” in this article

How do you play mini militia with hotspot?

The mini militia menu includes an option called “Play Local” where the game must be hosted via hotspot. Every player in the hotspot range joins the same hotspot and plays simultaneously. Playing the game via hotspot requires the following steps:

  1. On your mobile device, turn on the hotspot.
  2. Appearance
  3. “Practice local” is the third option you can choose
  4. After that, choose Death Match
  5. LAN Wifi can be found by clicking it
  6. There is an option named “HOST” here.
  7. The HOST button will appear.

You can now ask your friends to connect to your hotspot and follow the same steps as above. It is necessary to click join instead of host.

Once all of your friends have joined your game, click on the start button.

The game has begun! Join your fellows for fun.